Bernardi’s 2007 Tropi-Cal LX  

Towing and Safety Additions [newest on top]

RV Always Under Construction/Renovation

2013 Addition - Silverleaf Diagnostic Software

Silverleaf Electronics had a booth at the FMCA SEA Rally with their engine and chassis Diagnostic Software and Tire Pressure Monitoring Interface.  The product allows the user to completely setup their own screen with all kinds of temperature, pressure, volts, speed, engine hours, miles, fuel consumption, etc.  I have a small Acer 10” Laptop that is attached to the dashboard above the rear-view camera monitor.  I can run just the Silverleaf software, or, additionally, overlay my GPS navigation software [Microsoft Streets and Trips] on the right hand half of the screen.

2011 Addition - Electrical Management System [EMS]

Progressive Industries had a booth at the FMCA GEAR Rally with all sorts of electrical gadgets, including some of the portable surge protectors that I already own and use religiously.  They demonstrated the EMS system at one of the seminars that I attended.  He asked a very simple question – do you know what the voltage is going to your coach RIGHT NOW?  Some attendees said yes [wrong answer] - they had a voltmeter plugged into an outlet and they checked it frequently.  He then asked which circuit it was plugged into – Line 1 or Line 2 on a 50 Amp coach.  Those questions got me thinking about our Alaska trip, and the several times where I noticed significant voltage drops when an A/C unit kicked in.  Gearing up for another trip to Canada, I realized I needed to do more to protect our coach from unsafe power.  This unit monitors safe power initially – open ground, correct wiring, etc. before it will let power go through the device to your power transfer switch, then it constantly monitors voltage, amps [on each line], etc. and displays any errors on the LED readout.  It will also shutdown power to the unit if unsafe voltage occurs – less than 104 volts, or more than 132 volts.  Cost [except for the unit] is minimal – one two foot piece of flexible conduit, one hole plug, one short length of 50 Amp 4-wire, a 90° connector, and some sealant.  One other benefit – the company has 24/7 tech support – I called them on a Sunday morning and a qualified tech, Thomas, responded to my voicemail in less than 20 minutes.


                                          Before                                 EMS Wired                        Final Product


One caution that may deter some dry campers – it will not like current from a small generator [I’m looking into a way around this issue]

2009 Addition – Perception Acadia II Kayak and Thule Hullavator Roof Rack

Perception Acadia II Tandem Kayak – we have been to so many state parks with wonderful lakes and rivers.  It will be great to get out and explore with our new kayak – even a third seat for Valentine!

The Thule rack goes down and up with assist hydraulic pistons for us “getting older” folks!

2009 and 2012 Additions - Automatic Fire Extinguishers

It only takes MINUTES to go from

[not our coach, but one similar]

We now have five (5) Automatic Fire Extinguishers in the RV that are temperature sensitive.  They are mounted in the engine compartment under the bedroom/closet walkway [left] and in the lower refrigerator compartment [center] about a “fist” from the gas flame port, and in the inverter compartment [right].  My thanks to Mac [] and Ralph at Global Aerotech [now deceased] for all their specification and installation help)


Generator install: Extinguisher body mounted to the main rail under the driver [left], and the remote head positioned on the fiberglass front cap seam just above the top of the generator [right]. I also used a tie-wrap to secure the hose to one of the frame supports.

Propane Tank Install: The fire extinguisher is mounted at the rear of the compartment [left] with two screws into the firewall and then tie-wrapped to the tank support frame [right].

2008 - Back-up Alarm

(Sounds an audible alarm when Coach is placed in Reverse gear)


                                          J C Whitney Unit       Bolted to Rear Rail           Spliced into back-up lights    

2007 - Pressure Pro Tire System

Easy morning air check / Emergency tire warning while "on the road again"

2007 - Tow Bar and Protect-A-Tow Setup


“Running” position                                     “Stored” position