Bernardi’s 2007 Tropi-Cal LX  

Exterior Improvements [newest on top]

RV Always Under Construction/Renovation

2011 Addition – Replacement of Slide Toppers

Slide Toppers purchased at Rays Mobile RV Repair online at

Well, a very gusty wind in Oklahoma last year ripped one of our slide toppers, so we decided to search for replacement.  After sticker shock on replacement and installation, I decided to purchase the toppers online and install them myself.  It was very easy, but time consuming when you do 3 of them.  You definitely will need a tall ladder or [in my case] a neighbor with a rolling scaffold. The short and sweet version follows:


Left - the essential tool you will need is a very small long shaft Allen wrench to stick in the roller after you unroll it. First step is to remove the anti-bellowing device.  Center – Manually unroll the topper until the end is at 12 o’clock, then take the long shaft Allen wrench and insert it in the end of the roller.  Left – Once that is complete, you can pull the old topper off, clean the top of the slide [optional], and insert the two sides of the new topper in place.

2010 Addition – Leveler Storage Blocks

Built leveler blocks for the time the RV is stored during the winter.  When I attended Camp Freightliner this year they showed us how to make them from 4” x 4” posts and some threaded rod cut to the appropriate lengths.  Measure the distance from the pavement to the bottom of the levelers with the coach with the air at maximum ride PSI, then measure again with the air released.  Be sure to measure all four positions, and you might be well advised to have your ride height adjusted before taking these measurements.  I made my blocks 1/4 inch less, so they would slip under the levelers at maximum PSI.  Once all four are in position, you release the air and your coach “rests” on the levelers, somewhat relaxing weight on the suspension and tires, without requiring the levelers to be down.  I also added a step to my checklist to remove them one day prior to departure.

2008 - Custom Front Bra

For those nasty Florida Love Bugs twice a year

2008 - RV Storage Cover

Semi-Custom Cover for RV – keeps leaves, tree sap and bird droppings off the RV. In 2010, I built a PVC roof support system [see above] to help keep trash from accumulating on the cover.

2007 - Furnace Air and Water Heater Inlet Bug Screening


Note: We remove the screen on the Hot Water Heater when traveling.

2007 - Sun Block Window Treatment

Custom Sun Block Window Treatments – keeps hot Florida sun and heat out of the RV and protects the wiper blades.