Bernardi’s 2007 Tropi-Cal LX  

Compartment Additions [newest on top]

RV Always Under Construction/Renovation

2013 - External Tank Monitoring System

We got really tired of the “internal” tank gauges that came with the RV, and even purchased “better” Horst sensors - neither worked as time went on.  We purchased the See Level 709 System [showing overlay (left) over old sensor panel - minor cutting required - and working (right) after sensors connected] at a rally and I installed it when we returned home.  The install was straight forward and the system itself worked straight out of the box.  The one issue I had was tank residue build up in the black tank.  I tried solving it by using several products recommended, but to no avail.  Since I had drilled several holes in the tank for the Horst sensors, I took advantage of one hole close to where I mounted the new external sensor.  By inserting a coat hanger wire with a bent over end, I was able to scrape/clean the build-up from the side of the tank where the new monitor was reading - hooray - it started working.

2009 - PVC Fence Post Covers used for ladder & flagpole storage

I used epoxy glue to fasten them to basement slide top rail so they clear the door opening.  I used the PVC post covers to hold collapsible ladder (5" square post cover on left) and our flagpole (4" square post cover on right)

2008 - 4” Sewer Opening changed out to 8” Sewer Opening

(Misaligned at the factory and too small an opening anyway – purchased a “deck plate” at marine store)

2008 and 2013- Compressed Air Outlet

Airing up tires and other inflatable items - ball valve for extra safety – Secondary air source located in the first compartment on the driver’s side. 2013 Upgrade - added pressure gauge and T-fitting